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Tip Tuesday – Painting White Over a Dark Surface

Painting white over a dark finish. Have you ever found yourself painting layer after layer of white over a dark stained piece trying to get it to cover the original finish? Painting a piece with a dark walnut or cherry finish with white can be tricky, but one easy way to get better coverage is {Read...
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American Paint Company’s Surfboard and Momma’s Lipstick – A Pretty Vanity

This vanity had a messed up top – the finish was all bumpy pitted.  I had a vision for this piece, and it included a smooth top, so I started by giving my top a little buzz from the mouse sander. My vision wasn’t all mine – I was painting this piece for a dear {Read More...}
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Painting With All Natural Chalk and Clay Paint

At American Paint Company, we offer over 40 beautiful colors to complete your next painting project.  Here’s a sampling of what our paintriots transformed this week: Farmhouse Inspired in Wisconsin painted this hutch using Voyage and Home Plate. Simple Matters in Texas painted this secretary...
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This n’ That Thursday – Drawer Pulls as Inspiration

It’s been a cold snowy winter in our neck of the woods with temperatures and wind chills in the negatives.  With a blizzard in tomorrow’s forecast, I’m looking forward to the lazy hazy days of summer. I picked up these drawer pulls for another dresser but ended up using them...
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Who, What, Where Wednesday – Perennial Design

The word perennial, by definition is ‘something that is rejuvenating year after year’. Meet, Perennial Design, located in Lebanon, Missouri who strives to fulfill that name.  Laurie Bennett started the business with her husband because they wanted to be a part of their downtown community....
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Tip Tuesday – American Grit Application

Creating an authentic aged look has never been easier. American Grit, a powder/dust substance from American Paint Company, is designed to add years of patina to your piece in one easy step.  When dusted on after applying APC Clear Wax, this product will instantly...
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American Paint Company – Close-Up Color

Are you ready for a close up?  Check out the beautiful finishes created with American Paint Company chalk and clay paints. Vintage Charm Restored in Texas used Home Turf, Born on the 4th mixed with Shining Seas to create a beautiful peacock blue, Blue Jeans as a wash and Born on the 4th again....
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Facebook Friday #5

One of the best features of our natural chalk and clay paint is being able to work indoors safely!  Brrrr, it’s cold everywhere!  Stay warm and check out what the paintriots did this week! Restyled Vintage Designs in Indiana painted this dresser using Freedom Road and Plymouth Rock. 4...
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