Goodbye Wire

We recently built a house and for some reason, all of the closets came with that horrible rubber covered wire for shelves. The worst place is in the pantry with bottles tipping over, things falling through the cracks (literally), and boxes shifting, making it a constant mess.

This is an example of the wire. Not the actual closet…by the way…but you get the point.wire_shelving

So, with a little patience and five trips to Home Depot, I was able to get rid of those awful shelves!

First step was to take all of the existing shelves out….no those aren’t bullet holes!


So, then I had to patch them all! I used some quick drying drywall patch. I wanted to paint over it all before I continued on.






Added some brackets (in the shelving aisle at HD)



And CHECK IT OUT! ALL DONE! You can do it too!


I also wanted to update the wall switch without having to spend money…after all of those trips to Home Depot. So, I used scrapbook paper! Just wrap it around the switch and cover it in two coats of Mod Podge (Can be found at craft stores and/or home improvement stores). After it dried, I used my Xacto knife to cut out the switch hole. Easy, huh?

lightpic lightpic2 lightpic3