Thrift Store Framed Turned Wipe Board

Faux Real Paint

Sometimes you just need a small change to make a big difference! In this case, I needed a different focal point in my office that could also be functional. So focal and functional? That kind of makes sense…

I go to my local Goodwill on a regular basis and found this framed print for the LOW LOW price of $4.99. Such a deal! I grabbed it.

The great thing with mineral/chalk paint is the fact that you don’t have to prep the surface before you paint. So, I got to work. I took apart the frame and removed the glass so that I could paint. After two coats of Faux Real Grigio I lightly distressed the paint.

After all distressing and painting, I put a coat of Faux Real Matte Varnish to top it all off. And tada! I now have a functional wipe board for my office. YIPPEE for ME!!!

Happy Painting!