Other Products

American Paint Company & Faux Real Finishing Products

Wax, Top Coat, Hard Coat or Varnish are used to “finish” your project.  Using one of these products will bring the paint back to it’s original color (like it looks in the container) and provides a protective finish.    Glazes and Micas can used to add other creative or artistic effects.

For more information on these products or if you have questions please email [email protected]

APC Top Coat (16 oz.) – $22.95
APC Hard Coat (16 oz.) – $34.95
FRMP Varnish – $34.95
APC Wax 14 oz cans – $26.95
APC Wax Sample pots – $14.95
FRMP Liquid Wax – $26.95
APC or FRMP Glaze (16 oz.) – $27.95
Micas (2 oz.) – $16.95