Creating a Color Wash with APC Paint


This table with it’s heavy wood plank top has lived another life as a work bench. It’s now on it’s way to becoming a computer desk. The exposed grain makes it a perfect candidate for finishing with a color wash. Using American Paint Company color Spacious Skies, the legs will be finished with a full strength coat of paint, distressed and waxed. While the top planks will be finished with a color wash of Spacious Skies in order to highlight the grain in the wood. Here are the easy steps to achieving a color wash look:


Step One:  Create a one to one mixer of the APC color of your choice and water.



Step Two:  Brush the water/paint mixer onto your piece.



Step Three:  Using a cloth, wipe off any excess in order to leave an even semitransparent appearance.



Step Four:  Once dry, finish the surface with APC Clear or Dark Vintage Antiquing Wax.



From rustic work bench to chic computer desk in just a few short steps.




Post courtesy of Jill and Chantelle for American Paint Company.

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