Furniture Paint Redo

In case you were wondering if you are able to paint over a finished piece – I have the answer for you. I had created a lovely chest with Faux Real Terra on the top and Faux Real Oliva on the bottom with dark wax distress. However, I found something a little bigger and had to get rid of it. 🙁

So I brought it to the store and my wonderful friends told me that not everyone may like my choice in colors. Booooo! But I swallowed my pride (and sadness) and grabbed some paint. This chest had already been varnished, so I was worried.

I had already started painting the first coat when I realized I had forgot to take a picture. Oops!

So, here is (sorta) a before:

faux real paint

After the first coat of paint using Faux Real in Bella:

faux real paint

After the THIRD coat of paint I realized it was waaaaayyyy too bright! So, I grabbed some Caffe Glaze:

caffe glaze

And for the finished product:

faux real paint

So, in summary – yes you can paint over a finished piece. However, my recommendation would be to paint darker over lighter instead of reverse. Otherwise, plan to darken it with glaze or wax.

Faux Real Paint

Happy Painting!